Alissa Šnaider


There is a rumour that Alissa is made of smoke and perhaps we don’t really know whom we are talking about.

But I must say that is not true!

Alissa Šnaider, born in Tallinn in 1985, is an artist, choreographer and performer.

Recently Alissa obtained her MFA diploma at the Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam).

Her works are taking various shapes and forms while bouncing from one discipline to another, liquefying the borders and thin lines, mutating from white spaces of the void into the black lines, where silence, small talk or an awkward pause becomes something else, where something else is always the thing.

‘’She or he or them or it or now runs through several bodies and spaces like a mathematically engineered wave across centuries. Its awkwardness cringes on the edge of perfection and perfection is always there, like the dream where you suddenly see the manifestation of an entire life in one beautiful scene’’

– Raimundas Malasauskas


She has presented her works at venues and festivals including: Julia Jongma gallery (Amsterdam), Huize Frankendael  (Amsterdam), Frascati Theater (Amsterdam), Het Veem Theater (Amsterdam), Venice Biennale in the frame of  “oO”- Cyprus and Lithuanian Pavilion, Uferstudios (Berlin),  Kanuti Gildi SAAL (Tallinn), Baltic Circle Festival (Helsinki), Uzés Danse CDC; TanzWerkstatt; O Espaço do Tempo (France, Germany, Portugal).

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