It is not dance, theatre, performance, music, circus, lecture, film, video nor discussion. This is everybody’s piece.

Once, there was G20, G8, G7, G3 and G2. In a way they still exist, but the tide has changed. A political commentator says in his writings that the best way for describing the way we live now, is G0. The lack of a centre. The lack of a clear direction. A thousand plateaus. Superabundance. A simultaneity of lonelynesses. The only thing remaining is energy and different kinds of it forming patterns. How to make visible a form so radically void of hierarchy, is what Alissa Šnaider is up to in her new work.
Laur Kaunissaare

A world too soon matured ends in ennui. It can be however perfect, but it’s finished. Hence used up, closed, shoved onto a shelve, underlined, forgotten, dead, burried. It is not true that the magical presence of an actor on any given evening will save a production from an incompetent director or insufficient preparation. Mistakenly taking climax for a triumph, the actor can burn himself up every night and do so in a way that is wholly credible. Spectators might even stand up routinely for an applause and compulsively clap their hands. But he who is disappointment in God, will have to leave with his dream unfulfilled.
Taavi Eelmaa “Primer of Estonian Contemporary Theatre”

Director: Alissa Šnaider
Performer: Kaja Kann
Sound artist: Renzo van Steenbergen
Light artist: Oliver Kulpsoo
Dramaturge: Laur Kaunissaare
Dramaturge: Taavi Eelmaa
Graphic design: Jaan Evart
Project manager: Mairika Plakso
Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital
Premiere: 29.09.2015 Kanuti Gildi SAAL Tallinn
Performances: 1/3/12/13.10.2015 Kanuti Gildi SAAL Tallinn
In English and in Estonian.